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5 Things Every Runner Should Remember

Posted by Simon Bowman on January 13, 2021

Do you run? Do you do it for fitness or sport? Or for whatever reason, this post is for you!

Running is so much more than just, let’s say exercise. Most of the time, you challenge yourself to achieve a personal best time, each time. Marathon runners and those who are aiming for weight loss, do this.

Since it is the beginning of the new year, and you are probably going for another personal best time, we’d like to share with you this 5 most important things every runner should remember.

Let’s get started…

#1 Do not put too much emphasis on stretching.

Do not put too much emphasis on stretching when running afterwards.
Stretching before running.

The key mistake that many runners make is that they over attribute the importance of stretching for their goal of running faster. Stretching is not bad; it can have a place in a runners weekly training program.

The biggest problem with too much focus on stretching for runners is that time spent stretching could have been spent working on strength and conditioning exercises.

Replace stretching with some form of conditioning and strength training. It will do you so many good benefits.

#2 Running too fast isn’t an achievement, all the time.

Running too fast isn’t achievement, all the time.
Runner going for a new best time.

Most runners can't make peace with the concept that if they want to run faster, they will need to slow down, especially during training sessions. Running- too fast, too hard, and too often is one of the common mistakes in running.

According to research, competitive runners improve faster when they do slower runs during training.

#3 Great bone health is important.

Great bone health is important for runners.
Diary products and everything rich in calcium is good for the bones.

Bones are especially important for runners. Take care of your bone health by consuming dairy products, those rich in calcium. Taking a lot of vitamin D will also help.

To set the record straight, running does not enhance bone health, it maintains it.

What can help bone health is heavy lifting twice a week, paying attention to your calcium intake, and avoiding unexpected and sudden loads to the bones.

#4 Strength training is crucial.

For runners, lifting is a form of strength training.
Lifting is a form of strength training.

Runners, often, don't do strength training because of two reasons.

First, they fear bulking up- they fear that bigger muscle mass will impede their running ability. This fear, frankly, is pointless; there is no evidence to support that belief.

In 2017, a study showed that a long-term strength training, speed at VO2max, and great body composition in competitive distance runners push for improved efficiency, speed, and strength without bulking up or putting on more muscles. Second, most runners lack awareness of the benefits of strength training.

Amongst many other benefits, it will reduce injury risk and minimize exhaustion time.

#5 Don’t rush. Take your time.

When running, don’t rush with both practise and goals. Take your time.
Runner resting for a while.

When you rush yourself into achieving a running goal, you are most likely to succumb to pressure. And before you know it, you will feel injuries, can be either minor or major, during your training.

Cramming in running may happen in the form of increasing hours of training or intensity of force, or going for longer distances.

Tim Gabbett, a Sports Scientist, who studied the relationship between changes in weekly training load when training load is constant, revealed that athletes have 10% risk of getting an injury when the body senses a, abrupt change in what’s been “constant.” When the training load is increased further by 15%, the injury risk is also increased by 21% to 49%.

To minimize the risk of injuries, athlete's should only limit their weekly training load to 10%.

If you are a runner and need clarity with all these matters, or need help with training, you can reach out to me and we’ll talk about how we can best plan your training.

Simon Bowman | Lead Sports Physio & Practice Owner

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