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How to Manage Lower Back Pain?

Posted by Simon Bowman on March 9, 2021

Physical ailments can be felt at any stage of life, whether at a young age or in adulthood. Of the many possible ailments that lower back pain can be associated with, this has become one of the most common pain-related complaints.

However common this is, back pain should not be taken lightly.

It is always best to visit a medical professional to fully understand its cause and plan the most suited management options for the case.

If you are experiencing back pains, there are lifestyle choices though that can help you lessen the discomfort or, in most cases, avoid pain all throughout.

This post will feature lifestyle alterations and home remedies to manage back pain.

Don't Smoke

Since tobacco products like cigarettes have nicotine, smoking can weaken the spinal bones. Aside from this, it can also eliminate vital nutrients from its sponge-like disc, thereby losing its capability to protect and cushion the joints. If you are a smoker, back pain is not impossible and can worsen in a speedy manner.

Achieve A Healthier Weight

Weight loss is a good remedy to lessen back pain. Achieving a healthier weight lightens the load that your lower back carries. When your weight is enough or bearable, you are giving your back the opportunity to rest and get rid of the discomfort

Heat and Ice Remedy

Ice and heating pads lessen pain associated with inflammation or swelling, as well as, relax tightened muscles. The best results are expected with heat and ice remedy are executed immediately after the pain experienced, preferably within 20 minutes.  

Always Observe Good Posture

When you keep a good posture, all the time, the pressure on your spine's lower back will be eased. You can use posture braces or straps and other stretchy bands to keep the spine aligned, of course with the advice from a medical professional. The simplest ways to observe good posture is to never crane forward or slouch your shoulders. 

The muscles in your abdominal core can serve as support. Therefore maintaining strong abdominal muscles can also be instrumental in keeping away from back pains. Flexibility and strength, also, prevent or relieve lower back pain and stretching movements especially when done regularly can help.

Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates can strengthen your core muscles. You can do the sit-up and arm flying positions, specifically, to target your entire upper and lower back muscles. 

Disclaimer: Always contact a physiotherapist for which exercises are best for you to do. These exercises can either benefit you or trigger further symptoms of underlying conditions when a physiotherapist is not consulted.

If you are experiencing back pains, be it age or activity related, you need help. Anytime, you can reach out to me and we’ll talk about how we can best plan your treatment and recovery.

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